2010-2012 (Abstract)

“While creating this series, the figure mostly disappeared from the paintings. More than ever, the content I was interested in came from the relationship of the formal elements; color, line, shape and texture. To leave ruins from the original ideas, a line, a word or some color gives history or process to the piece.I want to let the paint do what it will although I still get in the way. I’m a better editor than inventor. I used the horizontal bands to contain or constrain the chaos beneath. My heroes love what paint does regardless of subject matter; Cy Twombly, Joan Mitchell, Richard Serra, Robert Rauchenberg, William de Kooning, Richard Deibenkorn and Clyfford Still. They allowed for the paint to suggest a direction. I find pleasure in the arguments created from color combinations. The splatterers, the doodlers and sloppy scribblers interest me and I distrust too high a degree of finish.”
-Chris Gwaltney